Tulpehocken Manor's rich origins start as early as 1700's with Christopher Ley and a land grant from the sons of William Penn. It was later sold to his son Michael Ley, an officer of the Continental Army, at which point it was believed that George Washington had visited and stayed at the manor on three occassions. The visits are believed to be between 1777 and 1794. The first time, when at Valley Forge, he came here to rest and to hunt. The other two times he came to inspect the first four locks of the Union Canal which were being built on the property. It is now compromised of 7 buildings on 16.5 acres located 5 miles east of Lebanon, Pa and 2 miles west of Myerstown Pa.

Additional history on Christopher Ley.

The acreage we own is a 16.5 acre parcel out of a 150 acre land parcel. All remaining buildings of Tulpehocken Manor are standing on this 16.5 acres.

All information expressed hereon has been found through literature, web sites and stories told. This site is a compilation of all of that info, while some of it cannot be proved some of it has been adopted as truth.

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Looking south